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we are purohits for Griha Pravesham Puja

Griha Pravesham Puja

Congratulations on your new home! A Griha Pravesham Puja is a special Hindu ceremony to celebrate moving into a new place. It’s a way to ask the Gods and Goddesses for good things in your new home, like happiness, good health, and success.

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Why do a Griha Pravesham Puja?

At, we provide experienced and knowledgeable purohits for your Griha Pravesham Puja. Our purohits perform the puja with utmost devotion, following all traditional rituals to ensure your new home is blessed and filled with positive energy. We offer a comprehensive package that includes all the necessary arrangements for the puja.

Remove Negative Energies

The puja helps eliminate any negative energies or evil influences from the new house.

Blessings for Good Luck

You pray to the Gods and Goddesses for good things to happen in your new home, like good health for your family and success in your work.

Fresh Start, Clean Energy

The puja is like a cleaning, getting rid of any bad energy that might be there and bringing in good vibes for your new life.

Spiritual Harmony

Creates a spiritually harmonious environment in the house, ensuring well-being and contentment.

Happy Home, Happy Family

The puja helps make your new house feel peaceful and harmonious for everyone who lives there.

What to Expect During the Puja

Shubha Muhuratam (शुभ मुहूर्त)

The puja is done at a special time chosen by a Purohit (Pandit) based on the stars. This makes sure the puja brings the most good luck.

Welcoming Lord Ganesha

The puja starts by welcoming Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. We put a picture or statue of him in the northeast corner of the house.

Kalash Sthapana (कलश स्थापना)

special pot (Kalash) filled with holy water from the Ganges River (Ganga Jal) is placed near Ganesha. This pot represents blessings and good things.

Light Offering (Aarti)

We use lamps or incense sticks to make an offering of light to the Gods and Goddesses.

Milk Boiling Ceremony

Boiling milk until it overflows, symbolizing the overflow of prosperity and abundance in the household.

Sankalp (संकल्प)

The priest will lead you in a prayer saying why you're doing the puja.

Griha Pravesham

After the puja, the purohit will guide your family to enter the house for the first time with your right foot forward. This is believed to bring good luck.

The Puja Ceremony

The priest will do the puja rituals, which include chanting prayers, singing special songs, and offering things like flowers, fruits, and sweets to the Gods and Goddesses.

Fire Ceremony (Havan - Optional)

Some people might also choose to do a Havan, which involves a special fire and offerings.

Getting Ready for Your Griha Pravesham Puja

  • Pick a Date: Talk to a Pandit to find a good time for your Griha Pravesh puja.
  • Things for the Puja: You’ll need things like a picture or statue of Lord Ganesha, a Kalash, a puja plate, incense sticks, diyas (small lamps), flowers, fruits, sweets, a coconut, rice, turmeric powder, and holy water (Ganga Jal). The Pandit can give you a complete list.
  • Clean House: Give your new home a good cleaning before the puja to make it fresh and ready for good energy.


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Pandit Pujalu Can Help!

Our experienced Purohits at Pandit Pujalu can guide you through every step of your Griha Pravesh puja, making sure it’s a smooth and spiritual experience. We can provide all the puja samagri (materials) and help make your move to your new home a happy and blessed one.


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Great puja!

Panditji made our Griha Pravesh puja a beautiful and memorable ceremony. He explained everything clearly and made us feel comfortable throughout the process. We highly recommend Pandit Pujalu for your puja needs!

Smita & Rahul (Hyderabad)

Happy with Pandit Pujalu's puja service

We were very pleased with the puja service provided by Pandit Pujalu. The Purohit was knowledgeable and professional, and the puja itself was very well-organized. We felt truly blessed after the ceremony.

Kavita & Mohan (Secunderabad)

Made our Griha Pravesham puja special

Thank you, Pandit Pujalu, for making our Griha Pravesh puja so special. The puja samagri was of excellent quality, and the Purohit was very accommodating to our requests. We would definitely use your services again.”

Anil & Priya (Uppal)

Pandit Pujalu took care of everything!

We were impressed with Pandit Pujalu’s attention to detail. They ensured everything was taken care of, allowing us to focus on the spiritual significance of the puja. We are grateful for their guidance.

Rajesh & Seema (Madhapur)

Recommend Pandit Pujalu

Highly recommend Pandit Pujalu for Griha Pravesh puja! The Purohit was punctual, courteous, and very knowledgeable. The puja brought a sense of peace and positivity to our new home.

Sunil & Aruna (Gachibowli)